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    T1 Membership the 1st

    Once you register at with the same email account as your T1 Shop account that you purchased T1 Membership with, we will manually provide $50 worth of points (5,000 T1 Points) so that you can purchase the Membership function for free.

    Please wait until you receive the points, and do not make additional payments. If you haven't purchased T1 Membership in T1 Shop, but would like to use the membership function, you may purchase it here. However please keep in mind that Membership Kit and Membership Card won't be provided to you if you haven't purchased in advance through T1 Shop.

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  • Your purchase will be confirmed if you view the content after purchasing the products or if 7 days have passed since the start of the usage period.
  • It is impossible to revoke your purchase after confirming your purchase.
  • You can cancel any recurring payment at any time. If you cancel a recurring payment, it will be canceled after the current month's usage period, and you will be able to enjoy the content until the last day of the current month's usage period.